Actress Shin Se Kyung Plans On Showing a Different Side of Herself on “Iron Man”

Regarding her appearance as the main character on “Iron Man,” the staff revealed that actress, Shin Se Kyung, will be “Showing her unique charms.”

On August 26, the staff of KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Iron Man,” said, “Shin Se Kyung has been focusing on her role as Son Sae Dong and is currently constructing a new way to express that character. I ask that you give Shin Se Kyung a lot of attention and love as she takes one step forward towards the viewers with a side of her that’s never been seen.”

In the revealed stills, Shin Se Kyung is seen looking intently at one place and is also seen sitting on the back of a man while choking him with two hands. Also, Shin Se Kyung’s passion to show various sides of her can be seen as she’s monitoring herself in detail.

Shin Se Kyung will be playing the role of Son Sae Dong who’s a bright and innocent character but isn’t afraid to express her opinions and makes sure to make her position known. She’s a lovable character who has the ability to make those around her on her side through her warm and friendly heart.

Meanwhile, “Iron Man” is written by Kim Kyu Wan, who’s well-known for writing “Piano” and “Cinderella Sister.” Along with Kim Kyu Wan, director, Kim Yong Soo, who’s known for his sensual directing will be joining the staff, raising the expectations even more. “Iron Man” is a story about Joo Hong Bin, played by Lee Dong Wook, who’s heart has turned into ice due to the pain and he received from his first love. He meets the warm-hearted Son Sae Dong, who will melt away his icy heart. It’s a romantic, fantasy drama that will begin airing on September 10.

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