Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Becomes a “Successful Fan” of Kang Dong Won

On August 28, Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation uploaded a photo onto her personal Instagram with the caption, “Supporting the film ‘My Brilliant Life.’”

The photo is of her and her long time ideal man, Kang Dong Won. In Korea, “successful fans” are fans that are able to meet up with the celebrity that they like. So Taeyeon finally became a “successful fan” of Kang Dong Won.

2014.08.28_taeyeon successful fan

The photo was taken while on the set of filming “My Brilliant Life,” where Taeyeon is making a cameo appearance. Kang Dong Won has his arms around her shoulder with a smile while Taeyeon shyly leans in. Many fans were amused with the photo, since she seems obviously nervous in meeting up with the man that she picked as her ideal type.

In a past interview on August 15, Girls’ Generation even mentioned that some of them almost couldn’t debut because of Kang Dong Won. This interview was aired on JSTV’s show, “The Strongest Group.”

Sooyoung began the story, “At the time we had a very strict manger taking care of us. As trainees, we had strict curfews and couldn’t leave the vicinity of our home. But on the night before our debut showcase we couldn’t fall asleep. So Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, and I went to go see a movie. On our way back someone started honking at us from behind, and when we looked around that scary manager was there watching us. He told us, ‘Hey, get in the car,’ and took us back to the company saying, ‘You guys can’t perform on stage tomorrow.’”

Taeyeon continued the story, “I remember. We went to see a movie that was starring Kang Dong Won.” Hyoyeon laughed, “Yes, we thought we couldn’t debut because of Kang Dong Won and started crying.”

Sooyoung then said, “On the day of the showcase, they kept asking ‘Are we really not going to be able to debut?’ even up until the last minute while they kept crying.” Tiffany added, “Oh yeah, at the time everyone else had been ready but the three didn’t even have their makeup on. We were waiting and eventually they began to get their makeup on as they were crying.”

The event eventually became just a small happening before their debut. Lucky that they did debut or else we wouldn’t have the Girls’ Generation we have today!

2014.08.28_my brilliant life poster

Meanwhile, “My Brilliant Life” is about a couple that became teenage parents at the age of 17. Their child, unfortunately, is diagnosed with progeria, so at the age of 17, he has the physical appearance of an 80-year-old man. It will star Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won and set to release this upcoming September.

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