“Greatest Marriage” Releases Stills of Park Si Yeon and No Min Woo in Bed Together

“Greatest Marriage” is giving notice of the birth of a sexy couple between Park Si Yeon and No Min Woo, revealing a shocking bed scene.

On August 29, the TV Chosun drama revealed stills of Park Si Yeon, playing the role of Cha Ki Young, and No Min Woo, playing the role of Park Tae Yeon, in a bed scene.

The combination of Park Si Yeon, with her alluring and sexy image, and No Min Woo, with his somewhat “gender-neutral appearance,” is raising anticipation for their synergy in the drama.

A representative of C-Story, the production company behind “Greatest Marriage,” stated, “Writer Go Yoon Hee of ‘Rules of Dating,’ the movie that received a lot of love through its provocative lines, is writing this drama, so there are interesting scenes with truthful dialogue. In this bed scene, the honest lines of the two actors make the scene a lot of fun.” The rep added, “It’s definitely not a full-out bed scene.”

“Greatest Marriage” is about a woman who becomes a single mother by choice, but the drama depicts the love stories and marriage stories of four different couples. The drama is garnering interest as it searches for the true meaning of marriage and family, and opens a new prospect to melodramas. Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin, No Min Woo, Um Hyun Kyung, Girl’s Day Sojin, Jo Eun Ji, and Jang Ki Yong will appear in the drama. The first episode airs September 27.