New Teaser for YG and Samsung Everland’s Joint Fashion Brand Hints at Possible Taeyang and CL Collaboration

On the morning of August 29, a teaser image was released on YG’s official blog at exactly 9:09 a.m. The teaser was for their new fashion brand, NONAGON (also written as NONA9ON), for which they partnered up with Samsung Everland (a branch of Samsung Cheil Industries).

2014.08.29_nonagon 3rd teaser

In the teaser, the logo “YG X SAMSUNG NONA9ON” was written, with “3rd Invasion TAEYANG + CL” under it. This raises the question of whether they are indeed hinting at a collaboration of the two artists. Also, the numbers “0909 09:09” were revealed, which likely represent the date and time of the release.

YG and Samsung Everland created the brand with the concept of “mixing their strongest characteristics together for infinite growth.” The consequent company, “Natural Nine,” was then created. They picked the nonagon as their logo and title of their first brand to represent diversity and endless growth. This joint project gathered much attention because it was a collaboration between the company that had BIGBANG and 2NE1—celebrities known globally as trendsetters—and Samsung Cheil Industries, which have one of the best techniques, manufacturing capabilities, and marketing tactics worldwide.

This is the first out of the three teasers in which they gave a detailed collaboration hint with the exact names of the artists involved. Many are wondering what kind of chemistry would result in the collaboration of these two charismatic artists.

You can view the previously released teasers below:

Teaser 1:

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