Choi Hong Man: “Han Ye Seul Was So Surprised by My Size, She Ran away in Fright”

On the recent August 28 episode of KBS2‘s “Happy Together,” where celebrities were invited to talk about height, former mixed martial arts fighter Choi Hong Man revealed that his height once surprised actress Han Ye Seul so much that she ran off in fright when she saw him.

At almost 2.2 meters, Choi Hong Man is one of the tallest celebrities in Korea. The star said, “Being as tall as I am can sometimes be a little inconvenient. When people get out of elevators and see me standing there, they are often really taken aback. One time, at a hotel whose gym I was a member of, I was waiting for the elevator on the first floor. When the elevator arrived, Han Ye Seul came out. She was so surprised! She shouted, ‘Oh, goodness!’ and then ran away!”

Choi Hong Man also revealed that Korean hikers had better beware when they go on dawn hikes. He explained, “I like going hiking in the mountains very early in the morning. Sometimes older walkers out on the trail still feel groggy after getting up that early. When those kind of hikers see me, they are often so shocked that they just collapse!”