Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle: Quarterfinals

And now it’s time for Round 3 of the Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle! We’re now down to a quarter of our original contestants, and there have been some unexpected casualties along the way.

Round 2 was pretty tough. There weren’t any rappers that were outright crushed; a lot of battles were, in fact, very, very close. The biggest gap in votes was seen between BIGBANG‘s T.O.P and Block B‘s P.O, T.O.P beating out P.O by roughly 30 percent. At the other end of the spectrum, the closest round without a doubt was between Block B’s Zico and EXO‘s Tao. In the end, the difference of 0.12 percent — yes, much less than 1 percent — made Tao the winner.

Also coming as a surprise in Round 2 was the defeat of Jay Park by 2PM‘s Taecyeon, who made a comeback late in the game. Sadly, we will have to say goodbye to Zico and Jay Park for this battle, but luckily we’ve had the pleasure of Block B’s presence on music shows of late with “Her,” and Jay Park will be back soon with his “Evolution” album! Meanwhile, our last female rapper Amber has been holding her own, long after the elimination of the rest of the ladies.

Here are our remaining contestants:


Red Division:


2PM Taecyeon

Blue Division:


B.A.P Zelo

Purple Division:

B.A.P Bang Yongguk

BTS Rap Monster

Green Division:


f(x) Amber

You can vote once every three hours, and voting for this round will close at the end of Monday Sept 1 (KST).

Let’s get it started! Coming up – G-Dragon vs. Taecyeon, and T.O.P vs. Zelo!

BIGBANG G-Dragon vs. 2PM Taecyeon



BIGBANG T.O.P vs. B.A.P Zelo



Just two more matches to go; we’ve got Bang Yongguk vs. Rap Monster and Tao vs. Amber next!

B.A.P Bang Yongguk vs. BTS Rap Monster

Bang Yongguk

Rap Monster (contains explicit lyrics)

EXO Tao vs. f(x) Amber



Thanks for voting! Remember, you can vote again in three hours!