The Ending of “The Joseon Gunman” Made Lee Jun Ki Emotional

Actor Lee Jun Ki relayed his resolve about the upcoming ending of the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama, “The Joseon Gunman.” On August 30 at night, Lee Jun Ki wrote through his SNS account, “I will give it my all this week for the fans that I am thankful for and that have loved and supported “The Joseon Gunman” to the end. I wanted to cry upon seeing episode 22. Please anticipate it!”

Lee Jun Ki is giving an enthusiastic performance as the titular character Park Yoon Kang. Park Yoon Kang was a young Joseon warrior, but lost his family through the power of the gun, so he becomes reborn as a gunman to become the hero of the general public. Lee Jun Ki has received high praise for perfectly blending action and delicate, emotional romance as he has played the role of Park Yoon Kang.

Interest for “The Joseon Gunman” increased after episode 20, in which Yoon Kang participated in the Gapsin Coup in order to rescue Soo In (played by Nam Sang Mi), who had become a court lady.

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