Ji Chang Wook Goes Through a Tough Initiation Process on “Running Man”

On the August 31 episode of SBS’s “Good Sunday—Running Man,” the members formed into two-person teams in order to participate in the “Number Race II—1470” contest. Lee Sung Jae, Song Eun Yi, Kim Tae Woo, Skull, Ailee, Im Seulong, and Ji Chang Wook appeared on this episode.

Ji Chang Wook and Lee Kwang Soo made up one “couple team.” Their struggles to complete the challenge of eating dried persimmons while on a rollercoaster was a source of amusement for everyone watching.

Ji Chang Wook thoroughly immersed himself in “Running Man’s” competitive atmosphere. Sweat running down his face, he asked the coordinator, “Am I doing OK now?” The coordinator’s decisive negative reply provoked laughter from their audience. Lee Kwang Soo added his opinion of his teammate, jokingly, “Frankly, you aren’t that good.”

Viewers found Ji Chang Wook endearing, leaving comments such as, “I like Ji Chang Wook’s laid-back attitude on this show,” “Even though he failed, he’s still cool,” and “Please come on variety shows often.”

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