Song Ji Hyo Replaced Gary with 2AM’s Seulong for “Running Man” Monday Couple?

Song Ji Hyo seemingly forgot about Gary who was originally the other half of the Monday Couple, and had a wonderful time with her partner, 2AM‘s Seulong, for today’s episode of SBSRunning Man.”

This episode which was named “Number Race II-1470” brought Song Ji Hyo and Seulong together as partners in this new mission. The new Monday Couple had a wonderful time at the amusement park while completing their missions, almost like they were on a date, with their couple t-shirts and matching hair bands too.  The two even had their arms around each other as they played around and enjoyed the attractions of the amusement park ,like the ghost house,  looking like a real couple.


Watch the new Monday Couple sans Gary in the act as they have fun in their mission for today’s “Running Man” episode below: