Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Aegyo Makes Their Official Site Crash

Girl’s Day is more popularly known these days with their sexy concept, however youngest member Hyeri showed her youthful side with unintentional aegyo during their last day in the special version of MBCReal Men“. Her much-talked about aegyo was most possibly the reason that caused Girl’s Day’s official homepage to shut down due to the huge number of people visiting it.

On the ending ceremony of the show, the commanders bid goodbye to the female members, and with the emotional words, the members began tearing up. One of the members who became emotional was Hyeri, and in bidding her farewell to her commander, she cutely whined which made the strict commander smile.

The Girl’s Day member’s aegyo became popular online, topping search portals everywhere and the probable cause of the Girl’s Day website crash.

Check out Hyeri’s aegyo on the video below starting at 3:00: