M.I.B’s Ozic Releases a Free Hip-Hop Track Called “Hyena”

Four-member hip-hop group M.I.B‘s leader Ozic has released a solo hip-hop track called “Hyena,” which is available online for a free on Soundcloud.

The song is a powerful rap track, with lyrics and beats all by Ozic. The mixing and mastering was done by producer Priday.

In the song, Ozic raps about his intent and pride as a rapper.

Previously, Ozic hinted at the release via his Twitter, where he posted, “I’ll post a free track on Friday.” He later posted an update, saying that the song will be up by September 1.

Earlier this year, M.I.B successfully completed their Japanese tour, bringing out over 6000 fans.

The full lyrics to Ozic’s Hyena” can be found here, on Korean hip-hop webzine Hiphopplaya.

Check out the track below!