Lee Hyori, HyunA, Son Dambi, Kim Gyu Ri and More Attend SJYP Brand Launching

On August 28, Korean designers Steve J & Yoni P took a group photo with actress Kim Gyu Ri, HyunA, Lee Hyori, and Son Dambi during their Steve J & Yoni P’s “SJYP” denim brand launching fashion show.

Steve J & Yoni P are a married couple whose brand has been the latest trend in the fashion world of Korea. The “SJYP” denim brand launching fashion show took place at the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul – where a handful of Steve J & Yoni P’s celebrity friends were spotted wearing “SJYP” denim for the launching show. Lee Hyori, who is known to be very close with Yoni P, was the celebrity icon for the event. Many famous people were also in attendance.



Pictured above (left to right) are actresses Choi Kang Hee and Kim Gyu Ri, and below, actress Han Groo and top model Han Hye Jin – who all wore “SJYP” denim to the brand launching fashion show.


Lee Hyori is wearing a white “SJYP” shirt in the photo below.

Actors Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah wear “SJYP” oufits as a couple.