“The Joseon Gunman” Receiving Great Popularity in China

The KBS drama “The Joseon Gunman” may be ending soon in Korea, but it is enjoying hot popularity in China right now.

According to Chinese site QQ, “The Joseon Gunman” is currently airing in China and has topped the daily, weekly, and monthly charts. The 11th episode that was broadcast on July 30 in China has stayed on the number one spot for the daily chart for five days. The drama is recording seven to eight million views daily, and is the only currently airing drama to be in the top ten of the charts.

Leading actor Lee Jun Ki is receiving much credit for the drama’s popularity in China. Lee Jun Ki is one of the most popular Hallyu actors in China, with a large and loyal fan following in that country. Of course, the drama’s exciting action and emotional romance scenes, along with strong acting, also accounts for its popularity.

With the end of his drama coming very soon, Lee Jun Ki shared a photo of him and his co-stars, Han Joo Wan and Choi Jae Hwan.