Taeyeon Didn’t Expect Seohyun to Join Girls’ Generation

Despite being a part of a world famous girl group, Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are regular girls who likes shopping and talking about anything. One of the topics they have touched on is the moment their youngest member entered the group.

On this week’s episode of OnStyle‘s “The TaeTiSeo“, Tiffany expressed her fondness of the 12-year-old Seohyun and said that when she first saw her, she thought she was very cute. Leader Taeyeon, however, honestly revealed her thoughts and said, “Honestly when I first saw Seohyun I never thought that we would be on the same team. (While training), you were with your same-aged trainees.”

Seohyun agreed and said, “I really had no idea that I will be joining the team with all of you too. I was living with three other girls who were the same age as I was, so I was surprised (that I got in our group).”

The three then proceeded to talk about how it was a dream to be in their group and even form a unit that gives off quite a different feel in terms of music too.