On September 4, the National Theater of Korea was filled with cheers as the biggest and most popular artists of the colorful world of drama gathered for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2014.

The highly anticipated annual awards gathered the likes of actors Kim Soo Hyun of the popular drama “My Love From the Star,” actress Kim Hee Ae of “An Affair,” B1A4’s Baro, and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji,  among many others.

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Kim Hee Ae, SDA 2014Kim Soo Hyun, SDA 2014

This year’s grand prize went to Scarlett Production’s “Kaboul Kitchen Season 2” from France, a drama that is highly praised by the panel of judges for its originality, creativity, and popularity. The drama portrayed the story of a man who was held captive and decided to remain in Kaboul even after his release. This is the first ever award for France.

Kaboul Kitchen S2, SDA 2014
Kaboul Kitchen S2, Grand Prize at SDA 2014

In the TV Movie category, Spain’s “Barefoot on Red Soil” won the Golden Bird Prize wherein made-for-television movies of one to two episodes were screened. Sweden’s “The Fat & The Angry” took the Silver Bird prize.

Norway’s “Mammon” won the Golden Bird prize while KBS’ Good Doctor garnered the Silver Bird prize in the mini-series category wherein series with three to 24 episodes were screened.

The Golden Bird prize award for the serial drama category, which screened dramas with more than 25 episodes, went to MBC’s Empress Ki” while the Silver Bird prize was won by Turkey’s “Medcezir.”

Director Cecilie Mosli took the Best Director award for the mini-series Golden Bird awardee “Mammon” while Maria Jaen, the screen writer of TV Movie Golden Bird awardee “Barefoot Red Soil,” won the Best Screenwriter award.

Maria Jaen, Best Screenwriter Award at SDA 2014
Maria Jaen, Best Screenwriter Award at SDA 2014

The Best Actor award went to Edgar Selge of the German film “A Blind Hero: The Love of Otto Weidt.” Kim Hee Ae of the highly sensational drama “An Affair” took home the Best Actress award.

Kim Hee Ae, Best Actress Award at SDA 2014
Kim Hee Ae, Best Actress Award at SDA 2014

The hit drama “My Love from the Star” swept a total of three awards in the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize category. Aside from getting the Excellent Korean Drama award, its lead actor Kim Soo Hyun bagged the Outstanding Korean Actor award and singer Lyn‘s “My Destiny,” which is the theme song of the drama, won the Outstanding Korean Drama OST award.

Kim Soo Hyun of “My Love from the Star” has also won the People’s Choice award alongside Hu Ge of China’s “Life Revelation” and Zheng Yuan Chang of Taiwan’s “Love Actually.” The online voting for the People’s Choice award was held from July 14 to August 3 through various websites including Soompi which hosted the Hallyu portion.

Kim Soo Hyun, Most Outstanding Korean Actor and People's Choice at SDA 2014
Kim Soo Hyun, Most Outstanding Korean Actor and People’s Choice at SDA 2014

The SDA Organizing Committee also awarded special prizes to Sri Lanka’s “Baby Cans” and Japan’s “Galileo Season 2” as recognition of the drama series’ contribution to authenticity and cultural diversity introduction.

England’s “Sherlock Season 3” was also recognized as The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year.

Hosted by prolific theater and screen actor Shin Sung Rok and actress Jin Se Yeon, the 2-hour awards ceremony was broadcasted live on SBS. Performances from artists SISTAR, Lyn, Block B and B1A4 were also held throughout the ceremony.


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Grand Prize: Kaboul Kitchen S2 (France)

TV Movie Category
Golden Bird Prize: Barefoot on Red Soil (Spain)
Silver Bird Prize: The Fat & The Angry (Sweden)

Mini-series Category
Golden Bird Prize: Mammon (Norway)
Silver Bird Prize: Good Doctor (Korea)

Serial Drama Category
Golden Bird Prize: Empress Ki (Korea)
Silver Bird Prize: Medcezir (Turkey)

Individual Awards Category
Best Director: Cecilie Mosli (Mammon, Norway)

Best Screenwriter: Maria Jaen (Barefoot Red Soil, Spain)

Best Actor: Edgar Selge (A Blind Hero: The Love of Otto Weidt)

Best Actress: Kim Hee Ae (An Affair)

Outstanding Korean Drama Category
Grand Prize: My Love from the Star
Excellence Prize: The Heirs
Outstanding Korean Actor: Kim Soo Hyun
Outstanding Korean Drama OST: My Destiny by Lyn (My Love from the Star)

People’s Choice
Kim Soo Hyun (My Love From the Star, Korea)
Hu Ge (Life Revelation, China)
Zheng Yuan Chang (Love Actually, Taiwan)

Special Prize
Baby Cans (Sri Lanka)
Galileo S2 (Japan)

The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year: Sherlock S3 (England)


Kim Yoo Jung


Kim Hee Ae

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji

B1A4’s Baro

Kim Soo Hyun

Photos from: Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee

Congratulations to all the winners!

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