RiSe’s Wake to Be Held at Same Location as EunB’s, Stars Send Their Condolences and Support to Ladies’ Code

Following the tragic news that Ladies’ Code‘s RiSe passed away this morning, after fighting valiantly for four days, fans, the general public, and fellow celebrities have offered their condolences to RiSe’s family, friends, and group members.

On the early morning of September 3, Ladies’ Code was on their way to Seoul from Daegu after completing filming. The wheel of their car fell off, resulting in a severe accident. Member EunB passed away on the scene, while Ashley, Zuny, and Polaris Entertainment staff received minor injures. Members Sojung and RiSe suffered more serious injuries with Sojung receiving treatment and then going into surgery for her facial fractures, and is currently recovering. RiSe, on the other hand, immediately went into surgery for her severe head trauma, which lasted over 10 hours. The surgery had to be halted after her blood pressure fell, and after remaining unconscious for four days following the surgery, she passed away, September 7 at 10:10 a.m.

While in the initial press release (read more about it here), the location for RiSe’s was undetermined, it has recently been announced that the wake will be held at Korea University Anam Hospital. It was also where EunB’s wake was.

RiSe was only 23, but she has left us to join her friend EunB in a better, happier place. May RiSe and EunB rest in peace, and we send our condolences to their family, friends, and fellow Ladies’ Code members.

Singer Byul, who previously asked for prayers to wish for RiSe’s recovery through her Twitter, left a final message for the Ladies’ Code member, which read, “RiSe, RiSe. Rest in peace. I (this unnie) won’t forget. You who were kind. Let’s meet again in heaven.”

Secret‘s Hyosung wrote on her Twitter, “My heart hurts. I hope you can rest peacefully in heaven. On the days that are supposed to be filled with warmth, it is very distressing and painful. May you rest in peace. I will continue praying.”

Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha wrote on her Twitter, “I am praying for the two who shined like a star. May you rest in peace.”

Rainbow‘s Noeul wrote on her Twitter, “It doesn’t make sense. My heart really hurts. May you rest in peace. I hope that RiSe and EunB rest peacefully without pain there. I don’t know it this will be of any comfort, but I hope the other members recover and gather strength soon.”

Composer and veteran singer Yoon Il Sang wrote, “She was more passionate than anyone. I remember RiSe who was kind and humble. May she rest in peace.”

2AM‘s Seulong wrote, “May she rest in peace. My heart is torn because she was a colleague…”

Fellow 2AM member Jo Kwon wrote, “My heart is heavy and it hurts. I won’t forget the things I am able to do and will pray. May she rest in peace.”

Eric Nam wrote, “Everyone please pray for RiSe and those around her. She was such an amazing and kind girl.”

Girl’s Day‘s Sojin wrote, “I really hoped earnestly…I really prayed hard…RiSe…I hope you rest peacefully in heaven…May you rest in peace.”

While it has been only a few hours since RiSe’s passing, #RIPRise has been trending on Twitter worldwide with fans of Korean entertainment and those working in the industry expressing their shock over the tragic incident.

Other idols who have expressed their condolences include, but are not limited to:

Rainbow’s Jaekyung

Dal Shabet’s Ahyoung

4Minute’s Jiyoon

Eddy Kim




Kara’s Gyuri


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