Teen Top’s Niel Admits Ricky Is the Most Handsome in the Group

In lieu of their upcoming comeback, the members of boy group Teen Top showed their handsome looks off, and Niel in particular approved of his member Ricky‘s good looks.

On the Chinese online program “Tudou Latest Hallyu“, Teen Top were asked to rank the members’ looks. Member Niel admitted that he does not consider himself as the best looking member. When asked who’s member’s face is the most handsome, he said, “I think Ricky’s face should be first place. Compared to our other members, he’s tall and he also has a very manly body build, that’s why I think he’s handsome (overall).” Ricky responded that he is trying his best to have a better body for everyone to anticipate as well.

Meanwhile, Teen Top will be releasing their new title song “It’s Not Easy” this coming September 15.