B1A4 Marks First Visit to Manila with a “Road Trip”!

B1A4 continues on their “Road Trip” across Asia! The boys recently stopped by Manila, Philippines last September 6, 2014 after touring in Taipei and Shanghai. In a press conference, the members shared their dream road trip, their favorite songs from their releases, and much more. Click on to view more photos!

B1A4 Group 2

Road Trip to Manila” marks B1A4’s first visit to Manila. The group expressed their excitement in performing for their Filipino fans.

B1A4 - Jinyoung

Leader Jinyoung said they were more excited to perform in Manila after seeing fans greet them at the airport.

B1A4 Group 3

The boys shared that they decided to include Manila as one of the stops because during their fan-sign events in Korea, they get a lot of international fans, Filipinos included. Their Filipino fans had requested that they come to the Philippines and when they had a meeting for the concert, they decided to include Manila as one of the stops.

B1A4 - Sandeul

Sandeul talked about his feelings for the tour. He said the tour is like going on a road trip with the rest of the members. He added that meeting fans from different countries is healing for them.


Youngest member Gongchan mentioned that he would like to visit the sunny island of Boracay in the Philippines if he had the chance.


Baro said his dream road trip would include a trip to Spain. He added that the group recently shot “One Fine Day” where they had a South Coast tour and saw different parts of the southern area of Korea which was memorable for him.


When asked about the characters they portrayed in the music video for “Solo Day,” CNU said that he’s a little bit like his character. He added that he’s a little obsessive-compulsive and he’s also the cleanest member in the group.


The group has released quite a number of songs since their debut. Members Baro and Jinyoung revealed their favorite songs. Baro said for him it’s “물 한 잔 (Cup of Water),” while Jinyoung said, “When It’s Love.”


Some members have a lot of nicknames. Sandeul is often called “duck face,” while Baro is called a “squirrel.” If given the chance to change their nicknames, Sanduel wants to be called a “sharp guy” while Baro wants to be the “handsome guy.”


Fun fact: the group’s name stands for the members blood types. Out of the five, Baro is the only one with blood type B while the rest are blood type A. There are certain personalities associated with blood types and Baro admitted that he finds himself becoming more of a blood type A personality because of the other members.


This is just the first of Soompi’s coverage of B1A4’s “Road Trip” concert series. Watch out for our coverage of their US concert stops soon!

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