Noh Hong Chul and Kim Kwang Gyu Visits SISTAR’s Soyu and Eat Chicken Feet

Noh Hong Chul and Kim Kwang Gyu received a warm reception from SISTAR‘s Soyu as they visited her home for the variety show “I Live Alone“.

Despite Soyu’s busy schedule as a SISTAR member, she took an ample time off and welcomed her two guests to her humble abode. Soyu prepared chicken feet to share and eat with them, showing her warm hospitality for her guests. Noh Hong Chul and Kim Kwang Gyu do not like chicken feet, but both kept it in and gratefully welcomed Soyu’s hospitality by eating chicken feet, creating a chicken feet eating segment for a little while in the variety show.

Meanwhile, this episode of “I Live Alone” will be shown tomorrow, September 12 at 11:20 p.m.