“A” Wants Kim Hyun Joong to Apologize and Admit His Wrongdoings First

Kim Hyun Joong‘s girlfriend, referred to as “A,” has demanded an apology.

TV Report reported that on September 12, lawyer Sun Jong Mun from law firm Sun & Partners, representing “A,” expressed their current stance: “Currently, we demand Kim Hyun Joong to self-reflect and apologize for the multiple times he physically assaulted her, and admit the assaults took place. If he does not do so, we have no choice but to submit additional material and inquire into the actual state of events. If needed, we will agree on conducting a cross-examination.”

“The main goal is to reveal the truth. Thus, he must admit his wrongdoing and apologize first,” the representative of “A” concluded.

On September 2 at 9 PM, Kim Hyun Joong stayed at the Seoul Songpa Police Station for four hours to give his testimony. Out of the four alleged physical altercations, Kim Hyun Joong admitted that only one “light physical fight” had taken place.

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