Lee Kwang Soo Reveals Post-“It’s Okay, It’s Love” Thoughts

With the end of “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” Lee Kwang Soo revealed through his management agency, “Filming was a heart-racing, happy experience. I would like to thank our director, writer, all of the staff members, and my seniors and juniors. I want to say that I love all of them. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the six months that I’ve lived as Park Soo Kwang [his character]. I also want to thank all of our fans and viewers of ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love,’ and I hope all of them remember the drama for a long time. I’ll return to the screen with a better character in my next project.”

914 lee kwang soo stills

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo successfully portrayed the character of Park Soo Kwang, a young man with Tourette’s Syndrome that lives his life to the fullest. Despite his disorder, he is always bright and loyal. Lee Kwang Soo’s acting allowed viewers to engage in the drama, serving as the drama’s “scene stealer.” He received many compliments on his ability to portray the wide spectrum of emotions of the character. From the bright and innocent to the hurt and wounded, Lee Kwang Soo showed an entirely new side to his acting through this drama.

Who misses Park Soo Kwang already?