EXO’s Chanyeol Thanks Thai EXO-Ls for Giving Him the Best Gift

It has been almost two years since EXO has been back to Thailand and the fans’ warm welcome showed how much they have missed seeing the popular boy group.

EXO’s Chanyeol especially thanked the Thai EXO-L for their gifts, and he even uploaded the “best gift” which is member D.O.‘s face as “It’s Okay, It’s Love‘s”‘ Han Kang Woo. He posted a photo of it on his Instagram and wrote, “The Thai fans gave me the best gift. #cosplayingKangWoo #EvenThePosture #IsPerfect #WillKeepUsingIt.” Chanyeol have earlier showed his support to member D.O. through his Instagram too when he first started on the role and now that it has ended he found a way to cutely tease him too.

Meanwhile, EXO held the “EXO PLANET: The Lost Planet” concert in Bangkok for two days this weekend to reciprocate their long absence from the country.