Super Junior’s Heechul Revealed That Members Kangin and Yesung Once Fought Because of Actress Moon Geun Young

Super Junior members have shown their tight friendship through the years, but all friendships also go through rough patches of fights and arguments, and this is what member Heechul admitted on this week’s episode of KBS 2TV‘s “Hello Counselor.

Heechul talked about one incident that happened in their dorm while he was eating ramen by himself and members Yesung and Kangin were watching TV, when actress Moon Geun Young came up on screen. Heechul explained that Yesung was a huge fan of the baby-faced actress and Kangin decided to playfully tease Yesung. Kangin kept saying that Moon Geun Young would never notice him and so Yesung got mad, the initial joke escalating into a huge fight.

Heechul mentioned that he also got mad as he angrily put down his ramen and asked them to keep quiet. Kangin elaborated, saying that Heechul not only put his ramen down, he flipped the seething hot pot of ramen, after which Kangin apologized. Heechul refuted this claim and said Kangin’s apology was not sincere enough, and that he seemed to do it out of spite.

Watch the Super Junior members talk about the biggest and “manliest” fight they had below: