Lee Jun Ki Reminisces Kiss Scene With Nam Sang Mi on “The Joseon Gunman”

At a press conference on September 15, Lee Jun Ki talked about his kiss scenes with Nam Sang Mi in KBS 2TV’s “The Joseon Gunman.”

“I think (my) ability to kiss has evolved. Personally, I think my kiss scene with Nam Sang Mi was impressive. I want to show an even deeper feeling of love in my next project,” said Lee Jun Ki.

In his kiss scenes with Nam Sang Mi, who played Lee Jun Ki’s love interest in “The Joseon Gunman,” Lee Jun Ki impressed viewers for being very natural. He attributed this to his relationship with his on-screen partner, Nam Sang Mi, whom he have worked together with in the 2007 film “Time Between Dog and Wolf.”

“I’m personally happy that I got to be immersed in the scene naturally because I got familiar with the actress. I also want to extend my gratitude to Sang Mi,” added Lee Jun Ki.

“I thought (she) was the cute younger sister but because she wasn’t the shy type at all and led in the scene, we were able to shoot comfortably. Because we’re actors in our 30s, we can shoot a kiss scene well even without any special technique,” said Lee Jun Ki.

Who remembers these kiss scenes?

Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi
Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi