Girl’s Day Minah Drops Out of New Sitcom, Dal Shabet’s Serri, Jiyul, and Nine Muses’ Kyungri Added to Cast Lineup

Dal Shabet’s Serri and Jiyul, along with Nine MusesKyungri have been cast as the lead females in the upcoming sitcom “Dating Big Bang” (tentative English title).

According to a broadcast official on September 18, Serri, Jiyul, and Kyungri have recently confirmed their casting in the youth sitcom, and are preparing to begin filming soon.

Initially, Girl’s Day member Minah had been in the final stages of discussion to act as one of the lead female roles in “Dating Big Bang.” However, due to other schedules, she has made the decision to drop out. It is said that Nine Muses’ Euaerin will be taking on the role instead.

“Dating Big Bang” is the work of PD Kim Sung Duk, who has also directed other sitcoms including “Three Friends,” “Three Guys and Three Girls,” and “Roller Coaster.”

A representative of the sitcom’s production team has revealed, “The cast and crew are set to begin filming with the completion of casting. Please look forward to the acting of various girl group members.”

What do you think of the final cast lineup?

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