Girls’ Generation Sunny Expresses Her Worry for TaeTiSeo

 Girls’ Generation have proven their strong friendship over the years and caring for each other was a natural act, which member Sunny did over fellow members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun.

TaeTiSeo, who are doing their unit promotions for their title song “Holler“, visited Sunny for her radio show MBC FM4USunny’s FM Date“. Tiffany expressed talked about how she has not seen the other members because everyone was busy, especially TaeTiSeo with their comeback.

Sunny expressed her thoughts as well and said, “Truthfully, you’ve all prepared a long time. You’ve all sincerely worked so hard.” Sunny went on and talked about her worries for her fellow members and said, “I’m also not sure but my heart hurts seeing you guys work so hard. However, I am happy to see how well-received your new album is. Are you all happy lately?” With this question, leader Taeyeon responded to Sunny’s question and said “I’m very happy that we revealed something that we have really worked on. I want to show it more.”