Zhang Li Yin Releases Music Video for “Not Alone” Featuring EXO’s Tao and f(x)’s Victoria

Zhang Li Yin has released a music video for her new ballad single “Not Alone“. Tao of EXO and Victoria of f(x) star in the music video, picking up thee roles they previously played in the music video for Zhang Li Yin’s “Agape.”

The story of the “Not Alone” music video picks up where “Agape” left off. Tao, who serves time for protecting Victoria from a gang, is seen going to all the places that had a significance to his parents. At the end of the video, Tao is a firefighter, continuing a job for which his father (portrayed by Song Jae Rim in flashbacks) has sacrificed himself.

Check out the music video for “Not Alone” below.

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