“My Lovely Girl” Episode 4 Preview

In episode 3, Hyun Wook accepted a temporary position as president of AnA. Se Na also accepted Hyun Wook’s offer to write songs for AnA for the next two months. Jae Young doesn’t want her on his music producing team so Hae Yoon suggest that Se Na go through a training process and participate in the monthly trials. Se Na is able to perform at the trial despite some inteference from Jae Young and this does not make him happy. He then challenges her to write the title track for Infinite Power’s new album.

Additionally in the episode, Rae Hyun purposefully reveals a video of Se Na slapping Shi Woo to the public at Shi Woo’s party.

Watch the teaser for the Episode 4, airing Thursday, September 25 on SBS at 9:55 p.m. (KST). This episode broadcast might be canceled or postponed depending on the soccer match broadcast of the Incheon Asian Games airing on SBS stating at 8 p.m.

Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun): What do you think about the competition with Director Seo Jae Young? The best way out is for you to give up the competition. Don’t you want to remain in AnA?

Female Student: You brought down our oppa’s image! How dare you?!

Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo): It wasn’t me who killed So Eun.

Lee Hyun Wook (Rain): If it wasn’t for you, nothing would have happened to us!

Yoon Se Na (Krystal): I just wanted to make a good song. Because I didn’t want to disappoint ajusshi.

Lee Hyun Wook: Can I borrow you, Yoon Se Na, for half a day?

Yoon Se Na: When was it the easiest to write songs?

Lee Hyun Wook: When I was in love.

Text Preview for Episode 4:

Se Na, who is having trouble with composing the song for her competition with Jae Young, goes to Hyun Wook and asks for help. Hyun Wook helps her while taking her around to various places.

Se Na, who has to record the demo for her song, asks Rae Hyun for help but gets rejected. She runs into Shi Woo, who she doesn’t want to see..

SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “My Lovely Girl,” stars Rainf(x)‘sKrystal, Infinite‘s L, and Cha Ye Ryun in a story about love and music set in the world of K-Pop. It portrays how two people, scarred by the death of a loved one, find comfort and healing in each other and in music. 

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