Bobby, Dong Hyuk, and Jin Hyung Reinterpret “Rolling in the Deep” for “MIX & MATCH”

On episode three of “MIX & MATCH,” which aired this past September 25, a free match battle ensued with the nine members splitting up into three groups.

B.I., Bobby, and Jin Hwan—members already decided as iKON members—were each paired with an original Team B member and a new member. B.I. paired up with original member Yoon Hyung and new member Chan Woo. Bobby was paired with original member Dong Hyuk and new member Jin Hyung. Jin Hwan was paired with original member Joon Hwe and new member Hong Seok.

This free match would be like a mock test, where they would compete as if they would in the real match. Out of the three teams, first place would be decided upon. The two non-members would be finally decided as iKON. The four non-members of the other two teams would then compete in a dance battle, where two will be eliminated and the seven-member group would be formed.

The first team to perform in the vocal match was Bobby’s team, where they reformed Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” with a more hip hop feel. Dong Hyuk and Jin Hyung’s powerful vocals matched well with Bobby’s strong rap that got him victory in the third season of “Show Me the Money.” Seeing the reactions of the judges, which consisted of CEO Yang Hyun Seok and the producing team of YG, it seemed like they enjoyed the performance as they rocked back and forth with the music. What surprised them was the power of the performance, especially when Bobby came out and smashed a guitar on stage.

926 mix and match still

The judges’ thoughts and the performances of Jin Hwan and B.I.’s teams, as well as the entire group’s dance performance, will air on the next episode, which will air next Thursday, October 2 on Mnet.

What did you think of the performance? You can view it below: