Lee Kwang Soo Turns into ‘Kwangvatar’ for Upcoming “Running Man” Episode
Actor Lee Kwang Soo has revealed a photo of himself that was taken during a recent filming for SBS’ “Running Man,” hinting to viewers what they may be able to expect in a future episode of the variety program.

On September 29, Lee Kwang Soo posted a brief description on his own personal Instagram account, “2014.09.29 ‘Running Man’ filming #Kwangvatar,” along with a picture in which he is dressed from head to toe as his popular nickname, ‘Kwangvatar’ (combination of the ‘Kwang’ in his name and ‘Avatar’). 

In this unveiled photo, Lee Kwang Soo appears to have blue paint on his face and hands, while dressed in a blue bodysuit costume to portray himself as an “Avatar” character. From the hair to the perfect abs, he successfully pulls off the character.

After seeing this hint that Lee Kwang Soo dropped for viewers, many people are already anticipating to what’s to come on the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, “Running Man” airs every Sunday at 6:10 p.m. (KST).

Are you looking forward to this episode?
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Lee Kwang Soo’s management has clarified that the actor does not have personal Instagram. It said, “It seems people are mistaking a fan account for his.” It clarified that Lee Kwang Soo only has a Twitter and Weibo account. The original Korean news article that posted about this image has since been deleted.

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