Girls’ Generation Hold Back Tears at Fan Meeting without Jessica, Remains Silent on Situation

Despite the recent scandal of Jessica leaving the group, the other members of Girls’ Generation flew to China and held a fan meeting as an eight members group.

On September 30, Girls’ Generation held their first fan meeting in China called “2014 Girls’ Generation First Fan Party – Mr. Mr. in Shenzhen.” Although the members giving it their best for their fans, Jessica’s absence could be felt and seen, even in the audience. The fans held posters for all nine members, including Jessica, and waved “J” shaped glow sticks.

Despite this, Girls’ Generation had planned an elaborate fan meeting for their fans. Along with performances, the eight members showed off their Chinese writing skills, practiced saying Chinese tongue twisters, and made their fans laugh as they answered fan asked questions.

However, there was still something missing as Jessica’s parts in the songs remained unsung, except by the fans. Fans would also continue to chant Jessica’s name. It must have been an emotional event as some members were seen holding back tears. The group’s youngest, Seohyun, couldn’t hold it in and shed tears for their final song and exit.

So far the eight Girls’ Generation members have remained silent about the ordeal. Member Sunny, who hosts her own radio show, did not mention Jessica or the situation during her broadcast. Members who are active on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter, have remained mostly inactive, for now.

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