SM Confirms Lee Soo Man’s Wife Has Passed Away

Some time after a report by a local news agency claimed earlier today that the wife of Lee Soo Man has passed away, SM Entertainment has finally confirmed the report.

SM Entertainment stated through a press release, “Kim Eun Jin, wife of producer Lee Soo Man, passed away on September 30 from small intestine cancer.” It described in detail: “The small intestine cancer was first discovered in December 2012, and after receiving surgery in January 2013, she continued to receive chemotherapy. Producer Lee Soo Man was continually by her side and nursing her ever since the discovery of cancer. However, the cancer relapsed and after two years of struggle, she passed away on September 30, 2014.”

It concluded, “The funeral occurred quietly without notice to the public and only with the family as desired by the deceased and her family, and the final rites were concluded on October 2, 2014. We ask for comfort and prayers for the deceased.”

We offer our condolences to Kim Eun Jin’s family and friends. May she rest in peace.

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