Tablo Explains to Girls’ Generation’s Sunny How Fathers Disapprove When Daughters Wear Revealing Outfits

On the latest episode of the KBS variety show “Superman Returns,” Tablo brought his daughter, Haru, to a concert event he was performing at. There he met Sunny of Girls’ Generation who was there as an MC. While he was talking to Sunny, Tablo noticed that his daughter’s outfit was out of place and he also pulled down the shorts underneath Haru’s skirt. Singer Younha, who was there to perform with Epik High, noted, “You’re already keeping tight watch over your daughter.”

Sitting down, Tablo said to Sunny, “Your fathers all feel the same way as me.” Referring to Girls’ Generation, he continued, “When you guys come out on stage wearing that kind of outfit and dancing that kind of dance!” Sunny laughed hard and the TV captions read, “Why me all of a sudden?” Sunny asked Tablo, “Why is the fire being directed at me?” Tablo explained, “Do you know what your father is thinking when he sees you on TV? Wear something long! Long!”

Looks like Tablo’s over-protective father side is full on!