Hilarious Stills from “Running Man” Show Members Transformed into Superheroes

In the upcoming episode of “Running Man,” members Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Gook, Gary, Ha Ha, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo will transform into different superheroes. The race will consist of these seven heroes that have woken up after 100 years, battling it out in the middle of a modern city in order to regain their superpowers.

Many were surprised at the members’ perfect transformations—Yoo Jae Suk into Superman, Ji Suk Jin into Batman, Kim Jong Gook into Wolverine, Ha Ha into Hong Kil Dong, Gary into Son O-Gong, Song Ji Hyo into Wonder Woman, and Lee Kwang Soo into Avatar. It was later reported that although the production team already knew of the concept before the actual filming, they were still surprised at how visually matched each member was with their respective superhero.

1011 running man superheroes stills

Because of this strange match between each member and superhero, the episode is anticipated to be even funnier. The members had apparently caused a ruckus as they jokingly talked about each others’ costumes. The production team was revealed to have enjoyed how the members had teased each other and their costumes and transformations, talking about how others were so visually matched with their characters, while at the same time debating that their own character was the best out of all of them.

After all of the teasing and fun conversations, the members started to engage in the actual mission of the race. One of the missions even required them to help a civilian in need. Lee Kwang Soo rolled in dirt as he attempted to help a civilian struggling to get a coin out from under a vending machine. Ji Suk Jin sacrificed himself as he turned into a special “Batman teacher” for a local kindergarten class. The production team revealed that although the “saving a civilian in need” mission seemed easy, all of the members gave their all as they engaged in their respective duties.

This “Running Heroes” special will be aired this coming Sunday, October 12 on SBS. Which superhero do you guys think will be able to regain his/her powers and save the world?

Here’s a preview that gives a sneak peek into the episode:

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