Kim Dong Ryul Wins with “How I Am” on Inkigayo, Performances from Boyfriend, Raina, Red Velvet and More

This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” it was Kim Dong Ryul vs. Ailee vs. Soyu x Urban Zapaka for first place. Kim Dong Ryul’s “How I Am” Ailee’s “Don’t Touch Me” and Soyu x Urban Zapaka’s “The Space Between” competed against each other for no.1, with Kim Dong Ryul winning! Congrats, Kim Dong Ryul! This is his first win on a music show in twelve years! He last won in 2002 on “Music Bank” with “Shall I Say I Love You Again?

“Inkigayo” prepared comeback stages for Boyfriend, Raina, and Red Velvet. There are also debut stages of MADTOWN and Bernard Park.

The complete list of performers include TaeTiSeo, Raina, Boyfriend, Ailee, Teen Top, T-ara, BTOB, Winner, Juniel, Bernard Park, Jung Dong Ha, MADTOWN, Minx, Nam Young Joo, Lee Ye Joon, Say Yes, and ROK KISS.

Performances will be updated as made available.

Kim Dong Ryul winning no.1. This veteran singer is not promoting his new single on TV. Watch his music video for “How I Am” featuring actor Gong Yoo here.

TaeTiSeo “Holler”

Ailee “Don’t Touch Me”

Teen Top “Missing”

Boyfriend “잘 지내더라” + “Witch”

Raina “You End, and Me”

Red Velvet “Be Natural”


Jung Dong Ha “If I”

Bernard Park “Before the Rain”

T-ara “Sugar Free”

BTOB “You’re So Fly”

Winner “Don’t Flirt”

Juniel “I Think I Am in Love”

Minx “Why Did You Come to My Home?”

Nam Young Joo “Fragile and Nice”

Lee Ye Joon “I Can’t”

Say Yes “Not a Dream”

ROK KISS “Rok Kiss”

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