Kangnam Says He Is No Longer Broke with Money from Royalties

Hip-hop group M.I.B member Kangnam revealed during an interview with “Section TV” that he has made more money from royalties and is no longer as poor as he was before.

Previously, on his first appearance on the variety show “I Live Alone,” Kangnam revealed that he only had 3442 won (approximately 3.24 USD) left in his bank account.

When the interviewer asked him if things have gotten better, Kangnam confidently revealed, “I’m much better now. My royalty fees came in this month.”

When the interviewer brought up how composers make millions from royalties and asked him how much he made, Kangnam answered, “I made 300,00 won (approximately 300 USD),” adding humorously, “I can buy all the ramen for a month.”

Kangnam has just recently begun getting popular through his appearance on “I Live Alone.” Currently, he is a regular on four variety programs. During the interview, he appeared excited to have so much work, as he said, “I have something to do every single day now.”

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