Star Empire Announces ZE:A Moon Junyoung’s Hiatus, Gives More Details About the Controversy

Star Empire, management agency of ZE:A, uploaded just recently an official statement today on various social network sites (SNS) belonging to member and leader Moon Junyoung, as well as to the group’s official sites. It announced the hiatus of the group leader and explains the recent controversy. Moon Junyoung also personally reached out to explain and apologize for the situation.

In the official statement, Star Empire apologizes and explains the controversy that recently occurred between Moon Junyoung and the agency. In an effort to relay the “exact truth,” says the agency, this official statement is being released.

It explains that Moon Junyoung, the other members, and Shin Joo Hak, the agency CEO, were in conversations and negotiations about the future of the members and the agency. But one day before the Osaka and Tokyo fan meetings (September 12), when immediate treatment was not sufficiently provided to member Kim Taehun after his martial arts injury, the members’ dissatisfaction grew and Moon Junyoung judged that communication was no longer happening with the agency. So representing the members, he decided to borrow the strength of the public and went on Twitter to reveal the situation. While it wasn’t the wisest course to take, in his position, he had no choice. Star Empire takes complete responsibility for causing this kind of situation.

Star Empire continues to explain that the members and the CEO met and found a solution to the profit division issue, as well as about the rights and welfare of the agency’s artists. However, the tweet that went out the following day of September 21 that announced that a solution was found reflected the agency’s stance more than Junyoung’s stance. From the agency’s point of view, it didn’t want to create any more confusion for the netizens and the public. But due to this action, the speculative misconceptions about Junyoung grew and after Junyoung refuted these speculations through Twitter again, the antagonism of the public grew. Once again, the agency regrets that due this its misjudgment, Junyoung was hurt and fans’ misunderstandings grew. The agency writes, “One day was too short to undo the resentment built during the 10 years and 140 characters was too short to relay the effort and story of 10 years.”

In the final paragraph, Star Empire announces that member Moon Junyoung will be going on hiatus, temporarily stopping SNS communication and other activities. The ZE:A leader is taking time off to reflect after causing worries and troubles for fans and the public and to also work hard to show a better side of himself. The agency asks for everyone to look forward to Junyoung’s return.

In addition, the agency confirms that a new system has been set up after input from the members. It also apologizes on behalf of all the agency staff members. Star Empire promises for the future to deliver the best to fans through honest communication with the artists and providing a win-win situation for everyone. It also promises to work hard so that something like this won’t happen again. The statement signs off, “From all of us- Star Empire, ZE:A members, and the executives and staff.”

Moon Junyoung also personally wrote on the group’s fan cafe. He wrote: “The past month was like a storm. I apologize for causing you worry. I know about the responses of “It was rash, it was was emotional” to the my Twitter messages. I was very emotional at that time. But I didn’t know how to communicate with the public. So the agency recommended that I refrain from activities. I deeply apologize to the people I have caused trouble with the series of disturbances.” Junyoung continued, “It is thanks to the public I am enduring. Thank you. I will pay back with good music. Please continue to support until I return.”

An agency rep told Star News that Moon Junyoung is spending his time going back and forth from his family’s home and the group’s dorm. Star Empire reassures that he is only taking a break; it is not a move toward withdrawal from the group. It is likely discussion for ZE:A’s comeback album will begin next year after the members’ individual activities start to wrap up.

You can read more about the situation that occurred in the past month here and here.

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