[Exclusive] Announcing Soompi Ulzzang 2014 + Accepting Submissions NOW

What’s up, Soompiers!

You know what’s coming- we’re proud to announce our yearly tradition Soompi Ulzzang! This year we teamed up with TS Entertainment, home of popular acts Secret, B.A.P, and more!

Just like our previous sponsored agencies Sidus HQ and Nega Network, TS Entertainment will be offering an interview for the TOP 3 male and female ulzzangs (six in total)! As always, the winners and finalists will be determined by audience vote, but TS Entertainment has the right to reserve contestants to move onto the next round.

“Ulzzang” is a shortened word for “best face” in Korean. A lot of the ulzzangs came about because of their awesome selca (aka selfie) skills. We’ve compiled some of the most popular Korean selca poses, which you can see below!

Ulzzang_Selca_Selfie_Guide Final

Make sure to click on the photo to enlarge!

Awesome, huh? But! Don’t follow the classic examples above! Please make sure that facial features are clearly visible and not obscured by lighting, hair, heavy makeup, or gestures!

We’re accepting submissions now and will end on Monday, October 27, 11:59 PM (KST) Tuesday, October 28, 11:59 PM (KST) / 7:59 AM (PDT) and is open to all registered Soompi users. Any incomplete entries or submissions after the deadline will not be accepted. Here’s the process:


  1. Take two recent full face photos of yourselves
    • The first photo will be your official entry. It will consist of one photo of yourself, at least 500 pixels in width and height. Please make sure that facial features are clearly visible and not obscured by lighting, hair, or heavy makeup. The photo must be full-color and show your entire face. You must be the only subject in the photo (no other people allowed).
    • The second photo will be used for verification purposes only and will not be displayed publicly. It will be a photo of yourself holding a handwritten sign which reads “Soompi Ulzzang 2014” and your Soompi username.
  2. Email them to ulzzang@soompi.com, with your Soompi username and gender in the subject
  3. *Please provide your full name, ethnicity, age, current location, languages

*Personal information will not be revealed to the public. Will only provide information to TS Entertainment if they’re interested in an interview with said contestant.

The contest will be elimination-style, with several rounds divided by gender; the number of rounds will depend on the number of entries we receive.


We hold the Soompi Ulzzang contest every year. What started as a small informal competition in the members 411 forum grew over time into an annual tradition with hundreds of participants and the ongoing sponsorship of Sidus HQ. However, the concept remains the same – simply put, it’s a looks contest. Members vote for the contestants they find the best-looking, and after several rounds, the top-voted male and female are awarded the prize!


If you have any more questions, please refer to the Soompi Ulzzang 2014 forum thread. Check it for the latest updates, and you can feel free to discuss the contest with other contestants as well!

So, what are you waiting for? Take out your cameras and show us your selcas and selfies! Who knows, you might be the next K-Pop star!

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