GLAM’s Dahee Submits Another Letter of Apology to the Court for Blackmailiing Lee Byung Hun

Dahee (Kim Dahee) of girl group GLAM has submitted another letter of apology on October 21 to the judicial court for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun. This is her second letter after her first that was submitted on October 17.

While the court cannot reveal the specific contents of the letter, a few general details have been released. Handwritten, Dahee apologizes for her wrongdoing but she also attempts to correct what she believes has been falsely represented about her, expressing that she has been falsely charged on some matters.

Meanwhile, in the first hearing of the trial held on October 16, Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon stated: “Lee Byung Hun contacted us first. We didn’t deliberately approach him,” “There were more touching (skinship) than just hugging and Lee Byung Hun demanded more than that and was rejected,” and “When Lee Ji Yeon rejected the demand for more skinship, Lee Byung Hun said let’s not meet anymore.”

Lee Byung Hun’s side countered that these are all just one-sided claims.