g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Reveals: “Rain’s ‘How to Avoid the Sun’ Was Ours”

Park Joon Hyung of g.o.d revealed a teeny bit of information that would’ve greatly affected the K-pop world that we know today: he said that Rain‘s hit track “How to Avoid the Sun” should have been g.o.d’s song and not Rain’s!

On the October 22 broadcast of the MBC variety program “Radio Star,” Park Joon Hyung of first generation vocal group g.o.d appeared alongside BEAST’s Son Dong Woon, model Song Kyung Ah, and singer Mino.

During the episode, Park Joon Hyung mentioned that his favorite Korean song is Rain’s title track, “How to Avoid the Sun,” off the singer’s second album, “Rain 2.”

“If you’ll ask me why I chose that song… it’s because it (How to Avoid the Sun) is originally our (g.o.d) song,” revealed Park Joon Hyung. “I was working (on our album) in the States and Park Jin Young let me hear the song, saying ‘This song is a killer.’ So I called Taewoo and said, ‘This song is good,'” shared Park Joon Hyung.

“However, one day, I saw Rain singing it on TV,” Park Joon Hyung added.

“I then told Park Jin Young, ‘You all know that you have this image of helping out shabby people. Rain is (not like that, he’s) really cool,'” added Park Joon Hyung, implying that the song should’ve gone to g.o.d because they’re “shabbier” than Rain,  making everyone laugh with his comment.

Rain’s “How to Avoid the Sun,” which is written and composed by Park Jin Young was a chart-topping hit that has made Rain very popular in Korea in 2003.

g.o.d Radio Star
Wow, I wonder how the song “How to Avoid the Sun” would’ve sounded if g.o.d had sung it! And if the song didn’t go to Rain, would he still have attained the same success that he has now? *wonders* What do you think, Soompiers?