YG’s iKON to Actively Start Promotions in China after Debut in Korea

According to YG Entertainment’s statement on October 25, their new group iKON will release their debut album in January of next year and then target the Chinese market with active promotions. Once iKON’s permanent members are chosen, they will immediately go into learning Chinese, and proceed with preparations for their Chinese debut.

TV Report quoted Yang Hyun Suk, who said, “The reponse for iKON has been amazing, both in Korea and internationally. The response in China, especially, is great. Following their debut in Korea next year, they will actively start promotions in China.”

1025 mix & match

Meanwhile, the potential candidates for the group are battling it out in Mnet’s survival program, “MIX & MATCH.” The candidates consist of Team B, who were runners up of last year’s survival program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN,” and three trainees. Members B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan have already been decided as members of iKON. The final seven-member group will be announced in the final episode of the show.

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