Top Ten K-drama Moments of the Week – October Week 4

Every drama we’ve tuned into in the last week delivered something memorable for the romantics in us, the roaring female warriors in us, and the guileless child in us, but while picking has been hard, we have whittled the choices down to these … 1. “The Three Musketeers“: Not one, but two Sunday’s episode of “The Three Musketeers” has Soompiers lighting up the drama’s thread with a flurry of gushing comments. All week, everyone’s been anticipating one kiss scene between the OTP, but the show has gifted fans with two! In both scenes, it is a crazy-in-love Crown Prince Sohyeon who initiates the kiss with Crown Princess Yoon Seo, his heart disburdened of any feelings for Mi Ryung. The second kiss might be our favorite as it goes on for almost a minute, and because we’re greedy for their happiness, this is where we press stop. Yup. Really, we don’t need to see what follows next! w6t10mlg 2. “My Lovely Girl“: A birthday confession In episode 11, Hyun Wook finally confesses to Se Na that he likes her. He then surprises her by revealing it’s his birthday. Considering the goofy way he smiles every time he looks at it, we are fairly certain Hyun Wook loves Se Na’s last minute gift to him. Maybe a glow-in-the-dark gumball ring would work for all of us?

3. “Misaeng“: He passed! You won’t need tissues for the recent episodes of “Misaeng,” but you’ll want soju to toast Geu Rae, who continues to steamroll over his obstacles. With dismal skills and lacking education, the entire office has bet on Geu Rae’s failure from the beginning, but after a knockout presentation interview in front of the company’s executives, he graduates from intern to employee. And Oh Sang Sik might bellyache about having him back on his team, but we’re smiling along with Geu Rae because we know the crusty manager is more than all right with this set-up. w6t10myspringday 4. “My Spring Day“: Not letting go After learning that her heart is being rejected by her body, Bom Yi decides to break up with Dong Ha. However, when he learns the truth, Dong Ha is immediately by her side. Although Bom Yi tries to resist him, he realizes just how much she couldn’t let him go. We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll have their happy ending on next week’s finale! w6t10lg 5. “Liar Game“: Happy to see you What do you do when the conman who’s helping you retrieve your money is kind of grumpy and broody? You act like a dork, of course. While Woo Jin waits to film an interview with Do Young, the childlike Da Jung excitedly waves to him offstage, but the professor gives her an arrogant glare then snubs her. “Liar Game” premiered this week, and we already adore Kim So Eun‘s Da Jung, who’s a right balance to Lee Sang Yoon‘s serious genius. With the already amazing chemistry between them, we wouldn’t mind a romance in this Korean remake! w6t10misaeng2 6. “Misaeng“: Want a massage? Manager Oh acts like he detests the untalented, clueless Geu Rae, but he’s grudgingly begun to come around as their hilarious relationship develops. After a long, stressful day correcting a mistake, Manager Oh lets out a heavy sigh. This leads Geu Rae to ask if he wants a massage and just about proceeds to do so. Manager Oh’s response has us holding our tummies as we lose it! Nothing makes a meaningful true-to-life story more enjoyable than laugh-out-loud moments. w6t10sd 7. “Secret Door“: The lady rules! When Lee Sun is put in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, Lady Hyegyeong leads the charge in freeing him. She uses every political move to reopen the investigation and then, sets a trap to prove the exact offender. Her actions leave the old men of the court stunned because a woman outplayed them. When she’s queen, these men won’t stand a chance! 8. “Liar Game“: In a daze Kim So Eun just pulled off what many viewers have long been wishing for themselves! To avoid suspicion from cops, Woo Jin feigns making out with Da Jung during a stakeout in his car. With their faces close enough for an actual kiss, she is understandably almost catatonic. What girl wouldn’t be when it’s Lee Sang Yoon‘s tempting lips only inches away? 9. “The Greatest Marriage”: Karma is an egging Jo Eun Cha is the atypical male lead that’s more ruthless, selfish, conniving, greedy, heartless, thoughtless, egotistical, shortsighted, and vile than the usual evil second lead in a makjang drama. So, it’s very satisfying to watch him get egged after his irresponsible journalism lands his station in hot water. Our only regret is that they didn’t tell us beforehand. We could have been part of the party, flinging our own rotten eggs at him! w6t10tlw 10. “The Legendary Witch“: Meet the troublemakers

As one might expect, Soo In‘s introduction to prison life is far from welcoming, but the [unintentional] hilarity of the opening scene doesn’t escape our attention.

As a first time offender, Soo In has to ingratiate herself with her cellmates, who seem to live by a code of conduct that’s similar to a military’s. The poor newbie has to shack up with leader Shim Bok Nyeo, who was convicted for familicide by arson. There’s also Seo Mi O, a CF model and a mother who was found guilty of attempted murder, and the most pleasant of them all, Son Poong Geum, who’s serving time for fraud and deems herself the sex symbol of the Korea Women’s Penitentiary as well as their cell’s military divisional commander.

Although Soo In’s crimes of embezzlement and dereliction of duty aren’t as serious as her cellmates’, we think there’s more to all these ladies than meets the eye. The people living outside the prison walls are probably worse than these women.

Well, that’s it for now. Do you agree with our choices? Which K-drama moments would you have picked? Sound off below, and join Couch Kimchi again next week!

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