Epik High Has Nothing But Good Words for iKon’s B.I, Bobby and Winner’s Mino

Epik High have been basking in the success of their latest album “Shoe Box” and have expressed their gratitude to a lot of people for their success; some of which include the newest addition in the YG Family, Winner‘s Song Mino and the group that is yet to debut, iKon‘s B.I. and Bobby.

The young rookies added spice to Epik High’s backtrack “Born Hater” which also featured senior rappers Beenzino, Verbal Jint and others. Mithra Jin expressed his awe with YG’s newest rappers saying “I’m especially jealous of B.I.‘s talent. He really just finished everything quickly and left. It’s something I want to take from him.”

Tablo added “B.I. and Bobby have showed their talent in writing their own raps through the show ‘Show Me The Money‘ and so I wasn’t that shocked about their abilities. However, Song Mino had this gentle image with Winner and doing something this strong worried me a bit. I asked Mino if it would be fine and he answered ‘I want to work hard for this properly when it’s hiphop.’ Mino really worked hard revising his lyrics, saying that this is a good opportunity for him to grab and to express whatever he want.”