Exclusive: Rain Dishes on “The Prince,” “My Lovely Girl,” and Megan Fox in #AskRain Interview

Entertainment triple-threat Rain is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having amassed countless fans with his charismatic dancing, singing and acting throughout the years. From his debut at a tender age of 16 back in 1998 as a part of a now defunct boy group “Fanclub,” to his breakout role in “Full House,” the widely popular “King of K-pop” is now approaching his 17th year as a performer.

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In 2014 alone, the 32-year-old superstar has managed several impressive feats. After starting the year off by releasing his first comeback album since military service and topping charts with30 Sexy” and “La Song,” Rain headed back to the States for his first Hollywood project since 2009’s “Ninja Assassin,” working alongside Hollywood’s top-billing actors Bruce Willis and John Cusack in action-thriller “The Prince.” Currently, he stars alongside f(x)’s Krystal and Infinite’s L in much-anticipated Korean drama, “My Lovely Girl,” his first return to the small screen since 2010’s “The Fugitive: Plan B.” Later on this year, he will be joining Chinese actress Liu Yifei in his debut Chinese film project “Difficult Love.”


Despite achieving global recognition, this entertainment veteran has but one wish for the next ten years: to continue to improving himself simply as Jung Ji Hoon, who has never stopped working towards his dreams.

Knowing that fans must be curious about certain aspects of the actor’s life behind-the-scenes, Soompi compiled questions that readers sent in through our Twitter page under the hashtag #AskRain, which Rain was kind enough to answer in his own words (in English!). A special thanks goes out to everyone who sent in questions for the interview!


“The Prince” synopsis: Paul (Jason Patric), a mechanic with past ties to the underworld, is unwittingly drawn back into the life he gave up when he suspects that his daughter has been kidnapped; and he must team up with his old partner, Sam (John Cusack), in order to confront Omar (Bruce Willis), his former nemesis, in order to rescue her. (Lionsgate)

Soompi: “The Prince” is your first Hollywood project since you were discharged from the military in 2013, and your second since “Ninja Assassin” in 2009. Could you briefly introduce the film, your involvement in the project, as well as the role of Mark?

Rain: Mark is a cold-hearted and charismatic character as a close supporter of Omar. This is the first time being as a bad guy in a movie. I wanted to try my best with a humble attitude. I want to be an actor who always tries the best regardless of roles.


Soompi: Speaking of Omar, who’s played by Bruce Willis, you’ve had quite the opportunity to work alongside top-billing actors, such as John Cusack, for “The Prince.” What was that like?

Rain: Due to tight schedules, I didn’t get to have a chance to have much of a conversation, but in a production, seeing them concentrating on acting and communicating with the director, I learned a lot. I want to try diverse genre Hollywood films if I can.

Soompi: Do you have any memorable stories or moments from the set of “The Prince?” Can you share any funny or awkward moments during filming?

Rain: Every moment I shared with the actors was an unforgettable memory for me. When I met Bruce, I was little bit awkward to say hello to him, because he was such a great actor. But he welcomed me first. I cannot forget that moment. It was really… great.


Soompi: You also had quite a few action scenes in “The Prince.” What was your favorite scene to film? Did you have a special workout or diet to prepare for this movie?

Rain: I concentrated on my facial expressions and controlling my powers during the action part. I went to U.S to filming the movie right after my Japan tour, so I didn’t do any special exercise or a diet.

Soompi: Like the role of Mark, are there any other unusual or unexpected roles you would like to take on in the future? (@lovemesome_rain)
Rain: I want to try a passionate and simple-hearted character in a romance movie, that I can fully express my own wit.


Soompi: You’ve had quite a busy year in 2014 – not just filming a comeback Hollywood film, but also returning to the small screen after “The Fugitive: Plan B” in 2014. What was filming “My Lovely Girl” with f(x)’s Krystal like?

Rain: This is the first drama in four years for me, so I am so excited and nervous at the same time. All the actors and actress are really good and I am enjoying the time I spend with them in the field.

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Soompi: Here’s a question that I know everyone is dying for us to ask: How did you feel when Megan Fox chose you once again as her ideal type? (@ara_b)

Rain: I was honored. I’d love to work with her for a good movie project.


Soompi: Of course, fans want to know: do you have any plans for a new album? What’s in store for the future?

Rain: I always think of the album which I am planning to produce or the songs I am planning to write, so I am thinking about the new album now. Even though I don’t have a specific plan about my new album now, I promise I will release a next album and share the songs with the fans in the future.

To catch more of Rain, be sure to check out “The Prince,” also starring Bruce Willis, John Cusack, available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD October 28 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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