[Exclusive] Soompi Ulzzang 2014: The Preliminaries – Vote NOW!


Hey Soompiers!

A big thanks to everyone who sent in their selcas and selfies for Soompi Ulzzang 2014! We received an overwhelming number of submissions this year surpassing last year’s record with over one thousand entries total. Yup, that’s right! It took some time, but we finally got through them all. There will be a preliminary round because we received far more submissions from the ladies and it’s too hard for us to choose. Who will pass to Round 1? We’ll leave that up to you.

We teamed up with TS Entertainment this year, home to popular acts like Secret and BAP. Just like our previous sponsored agencies Sidus HQ and Nega Network, TS Entertainment will be offering an interview for the TOP 3 male and female ulzzangs (six in total)! As always, the winners and finalists will be determined by audience vote, but TS Entertainment has the right to reserve contestants to move onto the next round.


If you have any more questions, please refer to the Soompi Ulzzang 2014 forum thread. Check it for the latest updates, and feel free to discuss the contest with other contestants as well!

Ulzzang_Selca_Selfie_Guide Final

Did you know that the characters are based on K-Pop idols? Can you guess who is who? Make sure to click on the photo to enlarge!