M.I.B’s Kangnam Thanks His Sasaeng Fans for Making Him Happy

In the latest episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” M.I.B‘s Kangnam surprised the viewers by expressing his gratitude towards his sasaeng fans.

While most idols are known to feel uncomfortable having overly obsessed fans follow them home, Kangnam revealed he is not bothered by their behavior.

“This is my first break in a while,” the idol said while resting at home and eating snacks. “Fans came to my house and handed me food like snacks and instant noodles,” he explained.

“Other idols have a hard time because of sasaengs, but for the past three years, I had no fans following me home. I feel happy because of my fans, and I am grateful for that,” Kangnam said, explaining how much the recent increase in his popularity means to him.

Meanwhile, “I Live Alone” featuring Kangnam airs on Fridays on MBC.