GOT7’s Jackson to Put His ‘Taekkyeon’ Skills on Display Through “Roommate”

During a recent recording for the SBS variety show “Roommate,” the cast members, including Park Joon Hyung, Jo Se Ho, Lee Gook Joo, After School’s Nana, GOT7’s Jackson, and KARA’s Youngji, received training in the traditional Korean martial art known as ‘taekkyeon’ at a park near their home.

On this day, the members changed into traditional attire and performed a few stretches to prepare prior to learning ‘taekkyeon.’ Youngji was able to show off her flexibility through stretching. Following the warm-ups, Jackson displayed his impressive martial arts skills and even went head to head in a battle with ‘taekkyeon’ trainers that have over 18 years of experience.

If you’re curious to know which “Roommate” member was given the title of ‘taekkyeon honor student’ by the trainers, don’t miss out on the upcoming episode, which airs on November 2 at 4:50 p.m. (KST).