Epik High Releases Behind-the-Scenes Clip of “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending” MV

YG Entertainment has unveiled a behind-the-scenes video of hip-hop group Epik High‘s latest hit songs “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending.”

The clip was uploaded on Epik High’s official YouTube channel on November 2. In addition to extra scenes that did not make it to the final music videos, the clip features comments by the Epik High members.

When asked to explain the message of the songs, Tablo says, “My lover no longer loves me. Unconsciously, his/hers love for me is fading away. Isn’t that something everyone has felt before?”

The video also shows Kim Ji Soo, member of YG’s upcoming girl group, and model Kim Ki Bum looking adorable as they try to overcome feelings of awkwardness and act like a real couple.

Meanwhile, Epik High’s latest album “Shoeboxhas been dominating the charts since its release, and the group recently won their first “M!Countdown” trophy in six years for their title track, “Happen Ending.”

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