Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty,” Episode 3

Episode 3 of Birth of a Beauty begins with Gyo Chae Yun choosing to pretend she didn’t see her fiancé with Sa Ra when she meets with Lee Kang Joon later that night.


After asking if she could borrow some more money from Han Tae Hee for her date with Lee Kang Joon the next day, Sa Ra is faced with a list of how much she already owes the “doctor.”


Faced with no other option, Sa Ra begrudgingly pawns her wedding ring. Han Tae Hee wonders if selling the ring for and outfit will be enough. When Sa Ra asks what else she can do, he quietly suggests a one-night stand. Though shocked at first, Sa Ra becomes ecstatic at the thought of sleeping with her husband.


While watching Sa Ra do yoga, Han Tae Hee becomes a bit… hot and bothered. When she asks for him to come help her, he rejects at first… that is, until she slyly accuses of him of getting excited from watching her. But of course it ends up leaving him in a bit of an uncomfortable situation.


The date definitely goes as planned! Han Tae Hee plans a special event for the couple, naming them the best couple of the restaurant. He gets the staff and restaurant goers to start chanting, “Kiss! Kiss!” and soon the “couple” obliges.


When the couple leaves, we finally learn more about who Han Tae Hee is. Turns out, he’s the CEO of the consulting company Restaurant God. Looks like he’s taken a lot of time off already with handling Sa Ra.


So the restaurant kiss definitely sparked something more between Sa Ra and Lee Kang Joon. However, as he begins to undress himself, he stops. Seeing the sincerity in Sa Ra’s eyes, he realizes that it was going to be more than just a one-night stand. He tells Sa Ra to wait one more day, and if the feelings are still there between them, then they’ll meet again.


When Sa Ra returns much earlier than expected, Han Tae Hee learns of the couple’s deal. However, he starts telling Sa Ra off for still being in love with Lee Kang Joon. Defending herself by saying that her marriage vows bind her to her husband, she also disregards that he’s a serial cheater — he’s just a romantic.


The next day, Lee Kang Joon backs out of some wedding preparation tasks with Gyo Chae Yun. She is quick, however, to hit the nail on the head by implying that he is doing something with Sa Ra.


Gyo Chae Yun calls Sa Ra to meet her. Gyo Chae Yun mentions Sa Geum Ran almost immediately, catching Sa Ra’s attention. She says that she and Lee Kang Joon are not an ordinary couple – since he cheated on Sa Geum Ran for her – and that Sa Ra doesn’t mean that much to him because of it.


Having been tricked out of hiding by his younger brother, Han Tae Hee ends up running into Gyo Chae Yun and Lee Kang Joon. Since this is supposed to be the first time the two men meet, they exchange a handshake. However, it quickly escalates into a strength match before they are separated by the other two. Han Tae Hee makes his escape soon afterwards, saying he has an appointment to get to.


After yelling it out over their respective meetings, Han Tae Hee and Sa Ra decide to revive the date. Sa Ra is to go in stronger and really take him this time.


Sa Ra successfully gets Lee Kang Joon into her home that night, feigning that there was a mouse – the same trick Han Tae Hee’s brother used. Taking her trick as confirmation from the night before, Lee Kang Joon asks if Sa Ra wants to go see the ocean. Turns out there is a special place for Sa Ra by the ocean; it’s where they had their honeymoon.


Unfortunately, they drive past the place Sa Geum Ran went off the cliff. The event flashback causes Sa Ra to scream, startling Lee Kang Joon. Though she doesn’t expand on her trauma, Lee Kang Joon gives her a tip on how to get over it. He tells her to face the flashback head on, not to turn away from it, because then she’ll see things she didn’t see before.


Recalling something strange from a flashback, Sa Ra finds Lee Kang Joon’s father and asks him about Sa Geum Ran. When she presses him for why they think it’s a suicide and not an accident, a new bomb is dropped.

There was a will.

In the last minutes of the episode, we learn that for whatever reason, whether coincidence or intentional, Lee Kang Joon was following behind Sa Geum Ran’s car when she went off the cliff. Talk about… a cliffhanger!

And in the words of Sa Ra at the end, behind her death is “a scary conspiracy.”

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