Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty,” Episode 4

The previous episode of Birth of a Beauty provided the comedy relief which would prove to be the calm before the storm. Sa Ra discovers the true cause of Sa Geum Ran’s accident. Her in-laws, and her cheating husband, Kang Joon, are getting away with blood on their hands. Tae Hee finds more connection once he learns his first love, Chae Yeon, isn’t the lovely lady he thought he know. Vengeance is arriving soon and punishment will be extremely severe for sinners.

1. A painful truth

As she suspected, Sa Ra learns that she is indeed the victim of a shady conspiracy: There was a fabricated will claiming that the nature of her accident was due to suicide. Sa Ra requested help to her sponsor, Tae Hee, who is initially reluctant. Stating that the truth is always painful, he recalls his tragic childhood, during which he lost his parents in a chemical explosion at one of Winner Group’s factories. After considering Sa Ra’s resolve to find out about her mysterious accident, he finally decides to help with her case.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 4.1

2. The family investigation begins

Sa Ra discovers that her email address was hacked, and that someone had planted a will without her knowledge, during a family meeting. As the conspiracy spirals deeper, Tae Hee and Sa Ra uncover a bigger secret behind her in-laws. There was an enormous inheritance dedicated to Sa Geum Ran, and everything was stolen from her, through the fabricated will. As tensions increase in the household, the duo’s mission proves to be more complicated than they expected.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 4.2

3. The search of a lost grandson

The chairwoman of Winner Group is Tae Hee’s grandmother. She has searched for Tae Hee for many years, hoping to groom him as the lost heir of the conglomerate enterprise. Unfortunately, the family of Han Min Hyeok, the second successor, covets the company for themselves.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 4.3

4. Revelations

After going through a hypnosis session to recover her memory, Sa Ra is able to recall the details of the accident. She’s shocked to find out her husband tried to kill her. She now remembers the matching license plate of Kang Joon’s car from the event. Feeling betrayed, she holds in her anger while witnessing her mother being abused and kicked out from her residence by the heartless in-laws. It is also revealed Chae Yeon witnessed Kang Joon engineering the accident from behind the scenes, making the two of them partners in crime.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 4.4.

5. Revenge of the beauty

Sa Ra and Tae Hee reunite together with the goal of destroying Kang Joon and Chae Yeon’s undeserving happiness. After suffering the injustice, they join hands to reclaim their lost dignity, with hopes of repairing their hearts.

Birth Of A Beauty Ep 4.5


It really broke my heart to watch Sa Ra’s mother being mistreated from the in-laws. Even more than Sa Geum Ran, I believe she is the most pitiful character of the show, because she doesn’t even have any news about her daughter following the accident three months ago. Moving on with the husband’s family, I think the father of Kang Joon isn’t really a man with bad intentions. I believe his cold demeanor, caused by his strong desire for a perfect family, causes people to misunderstand him. He admitted her death was genuinely unfortunate because her contributions to the household was valuable. He even scolded his overbearing wife and gossiping daughters for ridiculing his daughter in-law.

As for the romance, I don’t see Sa Ra having any interest into her savior, Tae Hee. I find their naughty moments really cute and their chemistry is remarkable. Tae Hee is falling for her, but he doesn’t realize his feelings yet. He is in denial and always finds excuses for his heart beating at the sight of Sa Ra.

I’m really excited for next weekend as their revenge plans will be put in action and I’m anticipating justice to finally be served. Watch out, Kang Joon and Chae Yeon! The Beauty Sa Ra and the Genius Tae Hee are coming for you!

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